Not wanting to support Nintendo by rejecting jokes at their expense isn't the same as wanting to oppose Nintendo in all things. I've got a Wii U for Pikmin, some virtual console games, and most of all for X and SSB. To me, that's worth the entry price. Doesn't make the things that are wrong with the system less wrong. » 4/02/14 7:33pm 4/02/14 7:33pm

A GoT game in the same vein as Souls wouldn't really make much sense. One's primarily about political intrigue, the other primarily about combat and exploration. The modes of combat may be similar, but to actually be much of a GoT game, that combat would happen incredibly rarely. Which is a massive deterrent to… » 3/29/14 6:42pm 3/29/14 6:42pm

Can you back that up? Because every source I can find says that Holodomor is specifically the shit Russia did in Ukraine, that the oppression in Kuban was almost entirely against native Ukrainians and was not part of Holodomor, and that Stalin's purges of Russians in RSFSR were also not part of Holodomor. That last one … » 3/29/14 1:34am 3/29/14 1:34am