I'm one of those who says that it's a pretty good game for $15. The combat starts off lousy, but once you get fire and airbending, it's a blast, even with a lot of the moves still locked. And it's only uphill from there. The presentation is fantastic. The story isn't good, but it fits right into my expectations of a… » 10/25/14 2:18pm Today 2:18pm

...MS is all about the awesome games now? I mean, I know they're (finally) getting an awesome game; it's why I'm picking up a bone later this month. But everything I've seen out of them still makes a big point about how it's a big media center. Something Sony didn't do, still hasn't done, and which I very much… » 10/12/14 12:03am 10/12/14 12:03am

It's already been pointed out that this is factually incorrect, so another advantage: input lag. If someone is good at fighting or character action games, the difference in feel between 60 fps and 55 fps is staggering, much less 30 fps. A game like Street Fighter IV is essentially unplayable at 30. » 10/11/14 1:11pm 10/11/14 1:11pm

It's the best way to maintain his long-time personality as a bruiser, while not making him a ripoff of the Sonic silhouette. I wish his legs weren't so disproportionately tiny, but it's still a better direction than just not touching him. Plus, he now looks the way the entire Knuckles clan is supposed to look,… » 10/05/14 7:10pm 10/05/14 7:10pm

They do not make it easy to play Naxxramas for free; that's entirely fair. But I don't get the complaint that they don't make it easy to play the game itself for free. Naxxramas cards are nice but not absolutely necessary, and with just the core cards, it isn't difficult to get beyond rank 15 (ie, the rank that most… » 10/04/14 11:03pm 10/04/14 11:03pm

I got that it was sarcasm, but I wasn't certain why, because it makes no sense in context. It seems like it was just shoehorned in because you wanted to complain, but didn't know what to complain about or where to go to do it. So you picked a stereotypical PC master race argument, found an article that was… » 10/03/14 11:17pm 10/03/14 11:17pm

I dunno; I would give it a "yes" and any other DW a "no" as well. I've got pretty much the same feeling that Stephen's writing about here. There is nothing appealing in Dynasty Warriors, but wrap it in a coating that doesn't suck, and it just doesn't feel as boring. I wouldn't give it a high score, but I'd recommend a… » 9/30/14 2:25am 9/30/14 2:25am